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It’s a chilly Saturday morning. My bed is a little heaven, especially because I can hear the rain pouring outside. Do you know how soothing it is to sleep when you can hear the sound of rain, and on a weekend? For some reason, sleep at this time gets sweeter. Beddings seem to hug you even tighter. The world’s problems seem to matter not; and you are at peace. Your life seems to have achieved the very much desired congruence.

At this very moment, my nonsense morning alarm rings and demands for a standing ovation. Grrrrrr! For a minute I am so annoyed and get the urge to thrust it to the wall. But this annoying gadget is my one and only precious phone. I need it. Why is my alarm going off on a Saturday morning; you may wonder. Anyway, oblivious of the fact that I know why I need to be awake, I get the phone, hit snooze and decide to go through my social media pages. Nothing is of interest is on at this moment. Only a few posts from my cousins and friends who reside abroad and fall within a different time zone. I then decide this is the perfect time to visit other blogs, something I don’t do in the morning. I am literally trying to do everything but get out of bed. I start telling myself, if it wasn’t raining, I would have woken up. Or maybe if the church which is not very far from my house was having one of those keshas that spill over to Saturday mornings, the singing would have caused me to get out of bed!

The previous day, Friday had been one of its kind, with work in the office tripling abruptly. I could not wrap my head around sorting it out. Being a Friday afternoon, I convince myself that the best thing will be to wake up on a Saturday morning, come to the office and sort everything out in readiness for Monday. I am so motivated, because I don’t want to have a chaotic Monday morning, especially because it’s going to be a brief week. Though I have always promised myself that I will strive to have a work-life balance, most of which requires that I do not take work home and unnecessarily indulge myself in office work over the weekends I feel very strongly motivates to come to work on the following day. I am so happy with myself that I even ask for the office keys. If I can create extra time for my employer, just how much will I do for my personal work and projects?

And here we are, Saturday morning. The motivation I had the previous day went to the dogs. I am actually convincing myself that walking to the office to a messy desk on a Monday morning is nothing insurmountable. Nobody is dying anyway! But at the back of my mind, something compels me to sluggishly get out of bed and take a shower. Something similar to what used to make me wake up and show up for morning preps back in high school, even when the last thing I wanted to do was open my eyes. No, it was not fear of the bell, or punishments. There’s always that voice, albeit very little at times that makes you do what you have previously purposed to do, or simply what is right.

This little voice which I think drives discipline makes me get up, dress up, walk through the rain, take a matatu and show up in the office on my otherwise sacred Saturday morning! And I managed to get done a huge fraction of what I had purposed to do. I am happy, not because I showed up to work on a weekend but because I had the discipline to do something even when the motivation had thinned out!

I just hope that even when you and I are not always motivated to get things done and forge forward, discipline keeps us moving!

Stay blessed.:)


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  1. God give me the discipline

    1. Amen to that Milka. Thanks for being a frequent visitor here.

  2. This is inspirational. Thanks.

    1. Shukran. 🙂

  3. Haiya! Kwani imeisha? Yani,just when i was preparing myself… Anyway the inner voice sometimes helps alot. Thank you for the article…
    Blessed time too.

    1. Thank you Kelvin. Baraka kwako.

  4. great article…I read your articles and I understand why they chose you as headgirl…Discipline goes a long way…

    1. Thank you Fortune! 🙂

  5. I liked reading this one.Keep up your writing prowess.

    1. Thank you Loise. your frequent visits here are truly appreciated.

  6. Haha nice read dear

    1. Thank you dear. 🙂

  7. aaaaw as I was reading this article nimo thoughts wouldnt just halt lingering on my mind about you..