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Exactly three months later, I make my way back here. Shamelessly, you must be thinking, huh? The audacity! Like I don’t owe all you who read my articles an explanation or an apology for my absence? How dare I? No good people, I am well mannered. So may I start by apologizing for the long hiatus? A big thank you to all of you who reached out and asked why I wasn’t writing. Truth be told, I really wanted to. I tried; but writers block happened.

Now that you have forgiven me, scratch that, now that I believe my apology is accepted, let me stop being dramatic and get right into it.

First things first, I truly appreciate the condolence messages that most of you sent me when I lost my grandpa and eulogized him in my last post. I could not respond to each of your messages but they were all well received and appreciated. May God bless you all.

Just how unpredictable has this year been? From a general election, to the the nullification of the presidential elections to a re-run of elections that just might not happen. Needless to say, the political scene has been quite something! I think my personal life has equally been unpredictable but I’m still keeping the faith and hoping for better things. God is still in control. I guess life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

I thought I’d do something different; and introduce a new column here, Taking Stock. I purpose to make it a monthly column, just to keep up with my activities, and share with you the interesting ones. Here goes Taking Stock, edition one:

Making – a decision to learn the difference between goat, sheep, mbuzi and kondoo. My desk mate at work is tired of explaining the difference. I can’t tell which Swahili word refers to what despite growing up on a farm! So confusing. Don’t judge me, I have only had twenty six years to learn them.

Cooking – rather eating more vegetables and healthier snacks. I never though this day would come but it has. No more unnecessary cakes and sugary snacks. Anyone who knows me knows this is an achievement. We thank God! It’s the high time I treated this body like the temple it is.

Drinking – a decent amount of water on a daily basis. Well over a litre actually. This skin better keep cooperating. So far I am not complaining. Hoping to increase my intake to the recommended two litres.

Planning – to do more! I feel like I haven’t maximized on my potential and that needs to change. There is a long list of things to be done and it starts by reviving my blog. The rest generique cialis will follow.

Reading – Lil Miss Belle’s blog posts without fail. Joy, the author writes so well! She has such a witty sense of humour and really adorable kids. I should actually be reading for my exams which are due next month. Deep sigh!

Enjoying – going to the gym in the morning. No, I am not trying to lose weight. I just want to tone up and stay active. Plus exercising in the morning really puts me in a really good mood

Wanting – to see my abs already! It has been a week people! Am I too ambitious? Well, a girl is allowed to dream.

Listening – to more Nigerian music, thanks to one of my colleagues! The beats are so catchy!  Having said that though, I am voting for Nyashinski in the MTV EMA nomination. I hope he bags the award.

Wishing – for nothing I can reduce to writing at the moment. My wishes are too intense.

Praying – for myself for now. I really need it at the moment. And I guess charity begins at home.

Noticing that my metabolism is slowing down with age and I am now more susceptible to gaining weight! Gone are the days I would eat anything and still remain skinny.

Watching Keeping up with the Kardashians as I write this. Please don’t judge me, News lately have become quite depressing. Plus it’s such a guilty pleasure. Please recommend a good series to a sister here.

Feeling happy that my writers block has come to an end.

Thank you for stopping by, see you next week.

Stay blessed. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful piece.
    Try watching game of thrones..haven’t watched it myself..rumors has it really interesting.

    1. Thank you Nelly. I’ve never watched GOT. I just wonder whether I will ever catch up.

  2. You’re back !!! Yeeiy !!!

    Please learn the difference between kondoo and mbuzi. Seriously, if you make me explain this one more time I will move. Also why do we talk about kondoo and mbuzi so much? 😀 lol

    1. Hahaha. You cannot move from me. We are joined at the hip! Thanks for reading. :*

  3. Always a good read. Have you watched “This is us”? If not please get it its amazing!!! And buy tissues. Because tears are inevitable .

    1. Thank you dear. I watched season 1. The feels! I will be sure to check out season 2. Thanks!

  4. Comment… Finally… The only blog I follow continuously is back…
    It feels like it’s been decades but apology accepted and welcome back…

    Try watching Scorpion, Arrow.

    1. Ever so loyal! Thank you Kelvin. I truly appreciate. You always read and give me feedback.

  5. And by the way,looking really nice on the phone booth photo

    1. Thank you.

  6. How does a Limuru girl not know kondoo and mbuzi…hehehe…i wish i would be as faithful in my water intake….nice read Starvin keep writing

    1. Hahaha. I will learn the difference. Try taking the water in intervals. it helps. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. A nice piece!Always interesting keep up the good work. It just hit me how I struggle with numbers in Swahili…Tisini,sitini,themanini. ..Now I know am not alone.The struggle is Real.

    1. Thank you Beatrice. I am so glad I am not alone in the Swahili struggle! Hahaha

  8. Haha. Makes two of us! Can’t tell the difference either between kondoo na mbuzi.
    And yass! To vouching for Nyashinski.
    You should watch This is us, imposter, ooh and girls’ trip (if you haven’t already)

    And Welcome back 💜💜

    1. Thank you dear! It’s almost a family thing, huh? lol. We better learn.

  9. Cousin, I guess by 1st Jan you should be knowing the difference because of the goat-eating😋😋

    1. Thank you sweetie! Best believe I will learn by the next goat eating! 🙂

  10. Welcome back…
    Watch Doubt. I think you will enjoy it.

  11. Starr and Nigerian music on the same paragraph, couldn’t have seen that coming. Lol! The versace and Gucci song must have prompted this😃😃… Great read😊

  12. Welcome back Nimo or rather my headgirl..tbt though of ML life..I like your simple yet articulate writing.Keep on dear one.

  13. aaaaw made me miss you… Am really praying for you God is with you.

  14. Always enjoy pieces.Keep at it!