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Do you know the satisfaction you get when you get that perfect match? A person who understands your needs? A person who accepts you in your shape and size without expecting you to change? One who allows you to hang out around them without having to suck in your tummy? This person never ignores your calls, and when they do it’s due to unavoidable circumstances and they call back immediately? That is the ultimate satisfaction most human beings yearn for.

Then just when you are getting used to this queenly/kingly treatment, things start to go south, and quickly. The matharao starts to trickle in. The many calls are substituted by ‘hi I can’t talk right now’. The sweet in sweet nothings go to the dogs. Your so called sweet voice starts to become a nuisance. You are now a bother that must be lied to and avoided at all costs. When I say things go south, I mean SOUTH.

Now, because of who you are as a person, you may pick up these clues as your cue to leave; but if you are a ‘fixer’, like me, you will stick around and give them another chance to ‘fix’ things. You know, trying to get to the root of the problem, giving this person a chance after the other. This may go on for a while. Thanks to being human, at one point you will helplessly let the cookie crumble. This has been me, not once or twice.

Well, before I give you the background story, may I please clarify that this has nothing to do with my love life this time round?

“Aaah, Nimo, I see you have come. Have a seat, can I buy you soda today?” my tailor (let’s call him Mr. X) says with a grin on his face.

“No Mr. X. I am in a bit of a hurry. Kuna mahali ninaenda. Is my suit ready?” I cut him short.

“Nimo you like giving me pressure. Just have a seat we talk like the friends we are. Why are you like this na hatujawahi kosana? Tumewahi kosana?” he further retorts as he adjusts the blue tape measure which is loosely hanging on his shoulder. He then turns to his left and starts to dig through a pile of fabric. As I have come to learn, he always does this when he is not telling me the truth. I think he always has to look for new lies in the pile of fabric. Oh man, my heart sinks.

At this point I just want to raise my voice at him “Our friendship ended a long time ago. Actually, no, we were never friends. I came here to get a suit, not a soda! What do you do all day? It has been three months Mr X, THREE. Just give viagra belgique me my fabric, I will go and look for a more deserving tailor!”

I don’t say a word though. The small shop is full of what looks like equally disgruntled clients and a few new and naive ones who have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Deep down I would like to rally support from them to desert this tailor and go elsewhere, but then again, aren’t all tailors the same. I can’t help but remember how efficient he was when I was a new client. My outfits would get worked on in a timely fashion. He used to call me to inform my clothes were ready for collection. I was so impressed that I sometimes went out of my budget to give him more work. Needless to mention, I gave him sooo many referrals. And here we are, he has forgotten that. Clearly, familiarity breeds contempt!

So I just sit there, in utter disappointment. I watch Mr. X cook up lies and spit them out so casually. My suit, I am assured will be ready the following week. Need I tell you that was six months ago, no, seven months ago and I still don’t have my suit?

After numerous fruitless follow ups, I have recently decided to call it quits on this relationship. While as his work is impeccable, his lies are unbearable. I am not sure I will find a tailor who does my clothes the way Mr. X used to. He always got my measurements right! Just look at this kitenge jump suit I am wearing in these photos. It was one of the many outfits made by Mr X before his head got big. Some bitter sweet memories! One thing I’m sure of though, I deserve better.  A tailor who will appreciate me for who I am and treat me right, no? Or should I give him another chance?

Without further ado, I am officially taking recommendations for a new tailor. Thank you!

Photos by TOPART (@topart4real)

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  1. Loving the jump suit. Hang on to your tailor dear, they are all the same.
    Getting referrals will only lead to more disappointments from different people.

    1. Thank you Milka.. I hear you. I certainly don’t want new disappointments.

  2. LOL what! 6 months? what is time?! One day you might end up camping😂

    Interesting read this was.
    I would give up at one week

    1. Patience my friend. They said it’s a virtue so I tried to exercise it. LOL. You don’t want to know how he caused me heartache.

  3. Hehe…interesting plot twist. This is how to write. I had tea and popcorn ready waiting for the juicy love story.

    1. Haha. Got you! Thanks for reading.

  4. I expected a love story 😂 wow! Such a nice read

    1. Hahaha. Thanks for reading Blench.

  5. Gosh! This member of “team udaku” is utterly disappointed 😄😆

    1. Hahaha

  6. Ati the cookie crumbles… Does someone listen do Tina and Dunco?
    Anyway,nice article.
    Stick to him but don’t be giving him a smile everyday.

    1. Thank you Kelvin. Advice taken.

  7. Hahaha you got me…Nwy don’t bother dumping him. Just push him more

  8. Sounds more like a love story…sweet though…
    really great to see you back have really been waiting for you gurl

  9. Beautiful. Am sure to read all future writes. Gr8.

  10. I was so ready for some ‘umbea’ what a twist you had there, khaaa…. 🙂 tailors! ati hatujawahi kukosana, trying to be friendly huh 🙂 loved reading this, and you are better off to another fundi but he seems good if he made you this jumpsuit 🙂 looks so good on you!

  11. Aaaah what a twist Starr!
    I like.