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It is mid November, well over three months since we had the general elections.

But the mood in the country is something else! News break my heart daily. Sporadic violence. Hate speech and tribal affiliated statements here and there on social media. My heart goes out to my beloved country.

My prayers go out to all the affected people. I hope and pray that this comes to an end.

I urge you, take a minute or two and pray for our country.

Welcome back to my blog. Today, I am taking stock. Shall we?

Making the best out of situations and in turn complaining less. I am slowly learning to accept things I cannot change without necessarily talking about them to anyone and everyone. Some of these situations have turned out to be blessings in disguise.

Cooking – pilau on a very regular basis. Finally, i nailed the recipe, My rice no longer lumps together. Hallelujah! Also, today (it’s a Sunday evening) I made chapati earlier in the day after eons! Cooking for one person is hard.

Drinking some herbal detox tea from Kate Organics as I write this. I saw it on the supermarkets shelves and my nonsense hands just had to buy it, even though i didn’t need it. On the flip side though, it tastes really good. How I imagine purple flowers would taste; not that I have tasted flowers before.

Planning to let go of this terrible habit I have picked up lately called procrastination. So uncool. Look at me, planning to do it. Actually, I’m not planning; I am dropping it. First, by ensuring this post goes up on Monday morning!

Reading a book I bought for an arm, a leg, a kidney and a piece of my intestines yesterday! Seriously, why are books so pricy? Before yesterday I hadn’t been to a book store in years! Anyway, the book is called “City of Saints & Thieves” by Natalie Anderson. The Synopsis had me sold, especially because the setting is Nairobi. I have only read a few pages, but I will be sure to give it a proper review once I am done.

Enjoying  playing and replaying video of Kanze Dena dancing alongside Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange. Girl got moves! I have watched it so many times that people around me are probably tired of me replayng it. Lol!

Wanting  to see my sister’s online store grow! I am proud of her so far! The girl has good taste in clothes. I will be her customer for a log time. No, I am not saying this because she is my sister, check out her page, you will love it @modishfashion_ke on instagram. You are welcome.

Listening to basic music. Nothing in particular. I have seen several people say they are listening to some nice podcasts. Any recommendations please? Thank you!

Wishing  I knew the things I know now a few years ago. It would have saved me so much turmoil. But hey, we live and we learn! I am happy.

Praying  for my beloved country. So much is going south and it will only take God’s divine intervention to heal our land. Pray with me please.

Noticing that it is almost a year since i started this blog. Already? Where does time go?

Watching less and less movies and series as the days go by. What is happening to me? I used to binge watch stuff. Anyway, your recommendations from my last taking stock post came in very handy. I am sure I will find more stuff to watch, if time allows.

Feeling a little excited that I am about to start my two week leave from work! It’s been a long time coming. Well, most of it is purposely for examination purposes, but i don’t mind having the thought of being home for longer hours.

What extra activities can i take up to spice up my routine? Recommendations are welcome.

Stay blessed.

-Love and Light-

Outfit from my sister’s online shop @modishfashion_ke

Photos by my little brother Ian.

It’s a family affair! 🙂

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  1. Simple but a nice article to read…

    Always entertained… You should plan a readers meet and greet…

    Anyway,this family is full of talent…